• MOHAMIDDIYN O. SALAMAT International Journal for Multidisciplinary Studies
Keywords: Language, Technical Writing, Pre-service Teachers, Descriptive-Correlation, Cotabato City, Philippines


Writing comprises many dimensions; one of its dimensions is the technical writing. Teaching technical writing
among pre-service teachers is significantly needed as preparation for on the job skills required in teaching career. This
study aims to determine the level of Technical Writing Competence of the Pre-service Teachers in terms of parts,
language and content; The Pre-service teachers’ level of competence in technical writing; and the Pre-service teachers’
level of perception on the contribution of student, school and teacher as factors in their technical writing competence and
the significant relationship between the pre-service teachers’ level of competence in technical writing and their level of
perception regarding the different factors. The study utilized descriptive-correlation design where communicative writing
test was used to find out the technical writing competence of the Pre-service Teachers. The study yielded that the preservice teachers acquired average competency. The null hypothesis stating that there is no significant relationship
between the Pre-service Teachers’ level of competence in technical writing and their level of perceptions on the
contribution of student, school, and teacher factors is accepted. Therefore, it is concluded that the Pre-service teachers’
technical writing competence needs further enhancement, in doing so, the students, school, and teachers may consider
working collaboratively to equip their skills in technical writing.