A Phenomenological Study on the Experiences of Students in the Delivery of Online Learning

  • Merichelle Joy U. Enilo, Josefina D. Ortega, Felix C. Chavez Jr.


This study determined students' lived experiences in online learning delivery during the pandemic. The phenomenological research design was used in the study. The participants were chosen using the technique of purposive sampling, with 10 students participating in the in-depth interview and 7 students taking part in the focus group discussion. The research resulted in the discovery of three themes that emerged from the participants’ lived experiences. These themes focus on the benefits of online learning, concerns regarding technology, and worries over instructional management. In addition, the students are able to overcome the challenges that they have when attending online classes by applying both personal and social coping strategies. Furthermore, better interaction with classmates and instructors as the insights they can share as a result of their experiences during online classes. Finally, based on the key challenges discussed, implications of the findings/ recommendations were suggested.

Keywords: Phenomenology, Students, Lived Experiences, Delivery of Online Learning, Covid-19 Pandemic, Davao City, Philippines