Satisfaction of Basic Education Students on School Services

  • Merichelle Joy U. Enilo, Josefina D. Ortega


This study determined the satisfaction of basic education students with school services. A total of 184 basic education students were the respondents of the study. The descriptive-comparative design was utilized in the study. The respondents were selected using the stratified random sampling technique. The analysis of variance, mean and standard deviation were utilized as statistical tools in the study. The results reveal that the satisfaction of students with learning facilities is oftentimes evident.  Meanwhile, the satisfaction of students with the worth or value of the services is sometimes evident. Furthermore, the majority of the students notably promote the selected academic institution to their family and friends. On the other hand, there is no significant difference in the overall satisfaction of the students when grouped according to grade level. This means that the student’s level of satisfaction in all grade levels is most likely the same.

Keywords: satisfaction, basic education students, School Services, Davao City, Philippines