Travails of Educators in the Delivery of Instruction amidst the Pandemic

  • Queen Froozan N. Osorio, Abegail Grace B. Escobido


Through a qualitative research approach, this study was performed to understand the many problems that teachers face and how they overcome them when teaching online classes during this pandemic. The study's participants were tertiary private school educators in Davao City. There were seventeen (17) participants in total, ten (10) for individual interviews, and seven (7) for focus group discussions, all chosen using the snowball sampling method. Data was collected using the Google Meet platform. Seven (7) themes emerged from the data analysis which were: Instructional and Virtual Classroom Problems, Technological Problems, Well-being Issues, Bolster personal and client management strategies, Employing Effective Communication, Personal Innovativeness, and Devotion in the workplace. To ensure teaching and learning continuity, the study's implications show how significant it is to support and encourage our educators, as they are the ones who ensure that their school provides high-quality education, and for IT professionals at the institution who was the ones to suggest an exciting and easy-to-manage LMS (Learning Management System), and a tool that will help us meet the needs of more of our teachers in the new normal education setting.

Keywords: COVID-19, delivery of instruction, lived experiences, LMS, online platforms