Work Productivity Involvement Relative to the Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Work Engagement

  • Ronnie D. Mendoza, Teresita C. Mendoza


The study focused on the relationship between the predictor and outcome variables under investigation. It employed descriptive-correlational research designs to measure the study's level and relationships among variables. It investigated the descriptive and correlational values among the factors delineated as organizational citizenship behavior and work engagement in the workplace towards productivity involvement. Using purposive sampling, the respondents in the study were identified in the study. Moreover, mean, SD and Pearson r statistical tools were further used to analyze the data gathered from the various respondents. The results showed that organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and work productivity involvement (WPI) correlate significantly. Work engagement and productivity involvement are not significantly correlated, which contradicts the previous studies. The result showed that improving OCB in the workplace caters to work involvement which leads to productivity in the work area.

Keywords: organizational citizenship behavior, work engagement, work productivity involvement, organizational workforce, organizational productivity